do you know that feeling of when you get dumped, in an real lame way? hurts all 
the way in to bone and you just wanna be with him more than ever but at the same 
time you are constantly planning a cruel revenge. yesterday i called my friend 
because i needed to get drunk, fast. i drank insane amounts of alcohol and we 
ended up at this random boys apartment where we was three in the bed, all of us 
went to sleep. in the (very!) warm bed almost crushed by the others and the wall i 
dreamt i had sex with mark ronson (it really has nothing to do with anything, it 
was just a really nice dream, thumbs up subconscious for giving me such a good 
dream when i am felling down) i woke up that morning with an idea of becoming gay 
(wanting to jump out as bi forever,) so guess i could act gay, at least for awhile 
and blaming the lame guy for making me see that i really was gay. and everything 
he will be thinking is: i am the one who turned a girl gay..SHIT

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