Der var en fejl i denne gadget

this is just weird

today: i was told to do something out of the ordinary. i decided to post
something not involving music, but something about my life: (pretty 
random thing though)
age: 18
my screen server: ash, of course

the blog i couldn't live with out: dirty little style whore
addicted to: my computer, my friends, nail polish, boys, black clothes, 
partying and blogs.
two numbers you can guess what means: 24 and 9, and it is not my birthday ladies. 
this summer: work, roskilde festival, work, going to norway, work, uhm more work. 
drink beer with my frends and chill by the river.
My room in numbers:9 pillows on my bed, 64 issues of gaffa, to many candels, 
-1 plant (omfg, i killed a cactus), 2 beers and 2570319 dust mice.
desperately wanting: my own place
hate: twilight and purple, seriously that color gives me the creeps.
respects: lady gaga
hope: that this was something out of the ordinary.

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