Der var en fejl i denne gadget


pic me. two pictures from s's and my weekend in london. (yeah we are in london 
often) first pic is a map that shows how to find 1001, a bar in bricklane, drown 
by a very drunk guy. god we laughed a lot! the other is from saturday in camdem. 
shit it was hot that day. s and i was stunned by how beautiful it was. i love 
london. btw the cobrasnake have made a music video "to i'll get" 
with kitsuné, it is the ultimate summer video. click

4 kommentarer:

  1. i'm going to london tomorrow evening. and i love london too! have you got any recommendations? like the 1001 bar, which sounds interessting, i'm definitly gonna see this spot. i'm not interessted in big ben and stuff like this. which are your favourite spots?

  2. mathias kan li din blog.

    o reallly?

    Yeah - really!


  3. sooo kind of you! thank you very much for your recommendations!
    i'll stay at my boyfriend's flat so i don't have to worry about any hostels or something. but it's really cool to know that spot "astor hostel".
    yeah i love bricklane! it's sooo great there! last year i went to the shoreditch festival which was rad!
    i've never heard about the egg.. will definitly gonna check this out!
    and yeah.. camden is awesome too.. did you see my photos of it? took some last year.

    oooh damn i look forward to being in london!
    thanks for your post and the recommendation, was surprised how long it is :-)

    xx see you in a week
    i love your blog!

  4. yeah i wanna move to london too.. it's such a rad town!
    this post is all about my memories i have from england.. some of them are from eastbourne, brighton or cornwall.. and the others are from london


    so, i gotta go..
    sleep tight