MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

hyping justice at the moment, hope you don't mind. have posted what says abut MGMT and justice, such genial words XD

MGMT / heir music is like nothing you've ever heard. In fact there is almost no way to define it. Instead of glorifying dead rock bands like other present bands, they take it all the way back to the hippie days.

Many bands today will try to claim their music as experimental or different but THIS, my good friend, is what someone can truly call epic.

Justice / French electronic duo, the next daft punk. Mainly known for the song "D.A.N.C.E." on their debut album, Cross. Incredible talent and a unique sound, two great performers. One of the guys, Gaspard, tends to not do much except smoke marb lights and pass joints on stage, while the other, Xavier, is always runnin' shit. If you ever see them live you will understand.

"a french electroduo who produces music that is like sex for your ears"
i want that on a mug .

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